Walk-In Shower Renovation

Walk In Shower Remodelers

Accessibility, flow, and sleek design — these are just some benefits of having a walk-in shower in your home. Are you tired of slamming your shin or foot on the lip of your tub when taking a shower? Are you tired of opening and closing a door that squeaks with every movement? Are you looking to enhance your bathroom space and increase the property value of your home?

If you said yes to any of these then a bathtub conversion to a walk-in shower is for you. With over 16 years of experience, our team at R&M Bathroom and Kitchen is ready to support you and give you the shower of your dreams.

Elevate Your Bathroom With a Walk-In Shower

Instead of an enclosed space with a tub and doors, picture glass panels that simply separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. This modern design opens up the space, adds more light, and increases flow and functionality.

There are different types of walk-in shower designs to choose from:

  • Shower room
  • Corner shower
  • Curved shower

A shower room usually takes up the entire room or half of a room and does not have an enclosure. Corner and curved showers are perfect for smaller spaces.

Walk In Shower Remodelers

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Benefits of the Walk-In Shower Installation

There are several walk-in shower pros, such as the fact that they require less space than regular showers and baths. Since there isn’t a ceramic unit or bulky enclosure to install, you save space and the space can be easier manipulated, as all that is needed are glass panes.

Also, you have more freedom with customization. With custom walk-in showers, you can choose the type of glass walls used, as well as the colour and type of door. They’re easier to get in and out of compared to a regular shower and you can even add benches and shelving.

Walk-In Shower Installation Process

When you call, we won’t just book you in, show up, and get the job done. We value customer service, so we will take the time to meet with you. We always strive to understand the exact goals you want to achieve for your bathroom.

We will provide you with luxury, high-end design options that will fit your budget and lifestyle, and you will be paired with a Project Manager who is your point of contact from start to finish. You will always have an open line of communication with the R&M team, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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Why Choose R&M for Your Walk-In Shower 

When looking to partner with a company to renovate your bathroom or replace your shower, you want a team of dedicated professionals who keep you top of mind and value your wants and needs. While finishing projects to perfection is important to us, so are you.

Our team values open communication and transparency, so you have insight into what’s happening every step of the way, which is why we have 100% customer satisfaction. Elevate the look of your shower now and call us for a free quote!

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