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An accessible bathroom is a practical way to improve the functionality of your space. Not only does it benefit your own personal accessibility needs, but also makes it easier for guests to navigate your home. There are lots of upgrades you can make to your bathroom to make it more accessible. It is important to understand that accessibility is a broad term that can reflect a variety of renovation ideas, from improving access to your bathroom to adding slip-prevention features.

The accessible bathroom renovation experts at R&M Bathroom and Kitchen can help you create a bathroom that is comfortable and safe for everyone in your home.

 Benefits & Safety of Accessible Bathrooms

There are many reasons to consider an accessible bathroom design. Not only are you creating a space that is easier to use and move around in, but you are also adding value and future buyer appeal to your home. As we age, we all need a little extra help, and an accessible bathroom takes the stress out of our changing abilities.

Reduces fall risk Accessible bathrooms can reduce the chances of a fall with the addition of slip-proof flooring.

Easier to navigate – Upgrades like an accessible shower or wheelchair-accessible shower mean that you or your guests can get ready in comfort with easy-to-access spaces.

Improved functionality – Upgrades to your counters and sinks can also make navigating your bathroom easier. Designs that allow for mobility devices to easily slide under counters mean your loved ones can do their daily routine with ease.


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Custom Accessible Bathroom Layout

An accessible bathroom does not mean you have to do a full renovation. For many people, a few updated or improved design features are all that’s needed to improve accessibility. Your contractor will meet with you before the renovation process begins to identify what you need to improve accessibility. They will help you identify what design features you may require such as handlebars, non-slip flooring or improved countered spaces, and then put together a blueprint and rendering that will bring your vision to life.

Custom-accessible design features mean you are creating a space that fits your specific needs. So if you need a special accessibility feature, such as improved plumbing or lighting, the experts at R&M Bathroom and Kitchen can ensure you are getting the exact devices and design features you require. We also provide you with a detailed breakdown of the work required, so know the exact costs.

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