A laundry room is one of the handiest rooms in the house. At R&M Bathroom and Kitchen, we believe every homeowner should have a dedicated laundry room and invest in this space to make for a comfortable addition to their home in Toronto.

Laundry Room renovation

Custom Laundry Room Renovation Toronto

The laundry room probably is not the first room you think of in your house. Nevertheless, it plays an important role in how your home cleans efficiently. In addition to doing laundry, this room can also be used to hang coats and rest shoes, for displaying plants or photos, as well as for storing cleaning supplies, tools, lightbulbs, towels, batteries, linens, and other valuable items.

Typically, in older home designs, the laundry room was constructed small, lacking colour, and appearing drab. R&M is here to help homeowners in Toronto reimagine and redesign that space. Our professional contractors specialize in laundry room design renovations and for over 16 years, we’ve been elevating this room’s entire look creating a more visually appealing aesthetic while maximizing efficiency in the layout of this space.

 Benefits of Laundry Room Makeover

When you choose R&M for laundry room renos, you will benefit from several advantages, including:

Improves Resale Value: a laundry room that has been renovated with a modern design aesthetic or has increased storage space is an added selling point for future buyers to be intrigued by.

Help the Environment and Reduce Utility Bills: Replacing your washer and dryer with more productive, eco-friendly models means the appliance will operate more efficiently, resulting in a decrease in both water and energy consumption.

Make Doing Laundry Fun! Renovating your laundry room to accommodate more space and adding your own personal touch to the design can make this once bland boring room feel a part of your home and can make your previous mundane laundry routine more enjoyable.


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Custom Laundry Room Solutions for Any Space

R&M Bathroom and Kitchen’s licensed contractors are trained and equipped to complete all custom renovations for a laundry room makeover to increase the functionality of the room, update the visual décor, and ultimately personalize the space to fit your tastes and lifestyle needs.

Some examples of what we can do include:

  • Installing your washer and dryer side by side
  • Installing a countertop across the appliances
  • Adding upper cabinets on the wall
  • Adding a shelf
  • Changing the flooring
  • Tiling a backsplash
  • Installing shiplap boards
  • Adding a window
  • Replacing old light fixtures or adding additional lighting
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint and/or installing wallpaper
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Professional Laundry Renovation Solutions You Can Count On

Laundry room renovations can be as simple as adding a shelf or can be more complex tackling multiple areas of the room such as changing the flooring, adding a window, and rearranging appliances, which would also involve working with your home’s plumbing and electrical systems. In any case, relying on a trusted team of experienced contractors is vital for a successful laundry room renovation project. That is where R&M fits the bill!

Our team of professional, licensed contractors specialize in renovations and have experience working throughout Toronto and the GTA transforming laundry rooms to meet the needs of our customers. We use only the highest quality materials and are still able to offer affordable renovation solutions that fit within your budget. We work alongside you to ensure your custom laundry room is achieved with the efficiency and quality craftsmanship only you deserve. Contact us today to meet the R&M team and learn more about our renovation services. Book an appointment for a free quote!

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